What Makes You Special!

Do you ever think of how unique you are? And do you think about how special your product and/or service is? When it comes to marketing your business you need to know your uniqueness and benefits you offer. This makes you stand out from your competitors!  

Burning Through Money?

Do you need to get more clients and income? Think about incorporating a marketing budget. Or a more positive word for budget is: financial positioning/allocation/plan. Allocate a certain amount, either on a monthly or yearly basis. You’ll need that money for network meetings, online marketing, or advertising material. Also think about the more expensive events […]

To Do List with Goals and Deadlines Motivate!

I noticed when I have a to do list with goals, it keeps me focused. Furthermore, when I add a deadline to each of these tasks it keeps motivated to finish the project. This strategy eliminates ambiguity, increases your focus and motivation to get things done. Let me know know what your experience is implementing […]

Productivity Increase with Essential Oils!

Do essential oils really help you increase productivity and focus? Yes, I agree, they help me. I use three different oils throughout the week. One essential oil I use is Frankincense. This one is great for focusing and centering. The other essential oil I use is California Lemon. It aids with concentration and eases tension. […]