Use A Different Facebook Page

Did you know you can use a different page you manage on Facebook to Like, Comment or Share? This is handy especially when you want to use your business page to interact with other posts versus your personal one. Here is how: 1. Once you log-in to your Facebook account click on your name to […]

Treat Your Business Like A Client

It is important you take some time out of your schedule to work on your business projects. This could be either acquiring new skills, or implementing new ideas, or creating new services/products or just to simply stay up to date in your industry. Some business owners may avoid this because they know it takes time […]

Leaning Forward hinders Productivity

I noticed that many of us are leaning too much forward at the desk. This situation may hinder you to be more productive, because after a while you may experience many body aches. The leaning forward can have many reasons. One of them could be your chair doesn’t fit the desk height; or your keyboard […]