Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review is Out

I am so excited to share with you the latest about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5! And Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review is out as well. The past weekend I got my first Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5! I was for many years a Windows phone fan. But recently the Windows Phone prognosis […]

Music is a Motivator During Work Hours

Is music really a motivator during work hours? In my opinion, music is a motivator during my work hours! I am sensitive and react to what I hear. Certain songs evoke more creativity in the work I do, than other ones. And some music puts me into an energetic mood. For example, I play classical […]

Karina interview in Radio Show Radio Rottu Oberwallis

Back from a adventure-filled vacation in Zermatt, Switzerland, I would like to share some of the highlight adventures and events in my blog. First highlight was an interview in Radio Show Radio Rottu Oberwallis. Reason is the 150 Year Anniversary of the Matterhorn First Ascent, honoring my ancestors, Peter Taugwalder, father and son. Thank you […]