About Karina Online Presence Care Owner

Karina-FB-biz-pageMeet Karina Taugwalder

Karina Taugwalder is originally from Zermatt, Switzerland, which lies in the shadow of Matterhorn, one of the tallest peaks in the Alps.  Two of her ancestors were part of the first group to summit Matterhorn over 150 years ago.  Their passion and drive was passed down, and is the same motivation that has carried Karina on her journey.

To honor her ancestors, Karina climbed Matterhorn in 2011 and continued to summit other peaks as well.  These successes gave her the confidence to tackle a new challenge – starting and running her own business.  For two years Karina worked hard to earn an Associates of Science degree in Marketing and maintain a client base.  She worked long hours, accepted tight finances, and managed high stress by falling back on what she knew – rock climbing.  She also practiced yoga and meditation to find health and balance, which allows her to be a strong business woman and to accomplish her goals.

In 2013 Karina started SwissWiz, which focused on virtually assisting clients at its conception.  Since then, her business has grown to include web site design, online marketing, and social media monitoring and updating.  This portion of Karina’s business is now known as Online Presence Care.  Karina continuously updates her skills to keep up with her clients’ needs and technological advances.  This makes her a knowledgeable consultant to small businesses that seek her advice in marketing and work productivity.

The same planning, awareness, and passion that got her ancestors to the top of Matterhorn in 1865 is what makes Karina the perfect resource for your business today!  Contact her today to find out more of her fascinating history and to enlist her in helping your business reach new heights – to increase your online engagement.