Overwhelmed by Emails?

Managing email can seem like an overwhelming task, but here are four simple things you can do to tackle this vital part of your business. Set aside the same time every day to go over your emails.  A daily schedule will keep the number of emails you have to weed through down and get you […]

Connecting Your Instagram to Facebook

To link your Instagram account to a Facebook Page, you’ll need to be an admin of that Page.  Once your Instagram account is linked to your Page, you’ll have the option to share to Facebook each time you share a photo or video on Instagram. Connecting these two social media platforms is accomplished on your  […]

Schedule Your Business Events on a Dry Erase Board

For this coming year I wanted to use a different approach scheduling my business events. I bought a blank dry erase board, 3 x 4 feet, from Amazon. To make the grid I used black/white patterned crafting tape. Why crafting tape you ask? It sticks well to the dry erase board, can be easily removed […]

Connect Your Personal and Business Facebook Page

Did you know you can connect your Facebook business page to your personal one? This is important because your Facebook contacts see your business on your personal page and can connect easily with your business page and Like it. Here is how: 1. Go to your personal page 2. Click on About 3. Select Work […]

How to delete bad reviews on Facebook

Have you ever noticed bad ratings and reviews by people you may know or don’t know on your Facebook business page? Wonder how to remove them because these ratings can hurt your business? Facebook unfortunately changed certain features and it makes it difficult now to just remove them. Another option is to comment with a […]

Use A Different Facebook Page

Did you know you can use a different page you manage on Facebook to Like, Comment or Share? This is handy especially when you want to use your business page to interact with other posts versus your personal one. Here is how: 1. Once you log-in to your Facebook account click on your name to […]

Treat Your Business Like A Client

It is important you take some time out of your schedule to work on your business projects. This could be either acquiring new skills, or implementing new ideas, or creating new services/products or just to simply stay up to date in your industry. Some business owners may avoid this because they know it takes time […]

What Makes You Special!

Do you ever think of how unique you are? And do you think about how special your product and/or service is? When it comes to marketing your business you need to know your uniqueness and benefits you offer. This makes you stand out from your competitors!