eBook or Hard Copy Book

Ever wonder about your preference of using an eBook rather than a hard copy of a book or the other way around?  I asked myself that question just the other week and here is what I came up with: I love to just take an eBook on a trip, because it saves space in your […]

Overwhelmed by Emails?

Managing email can seem like an overwhelming task, but here are four simple things you can do to tackle this vital part of your business. Set aside the same time every day to go over your emails.  A daily schedule will keep the number of emails you have to weed through down and get you […]

Stock Photos: Free and Easy

I found a site that will make your search for stock photos a breeze!  Whether you’re short for time or looking for free images, LibreStock is a great place to go. Simply type in your keywords and let LibreStock go out and search the whole internet for free-to-use photos.  The result will be several beautiful […]

Vision Board on the Go!

First, there was a cork board on your wall.  Then, virtual places started popping up to gather your thoughts online.  Now, there are several apps that allow you to take your inspiration on the go on your mobile devices! Astraport is my favorite vision board app  (click on link to get the app).  I still […]

Nature Increases Productivity!

You may not know that natural light can increase your motivation and productivity. Now that you DO know that, what can you do if you don’t have a window in your office?  Or maybe the clouds cover the sun and leave you in an uninspired shade.  Try adding a natural daylight lamp to improve your […]

Schedule Your Business Events on a Dry Erase Board

For this coming year I wanted to use a different approach scheduling my business events. I bought a blank dry erase board, 3 x 4 feet, from Amazon. To make the grid I used black/white patterned crafting tape. Why crafting tape you ask? It sticks well to the dry erase board, can be easily removed […]

Coach.me Helps You Create Good New Habits

Coach.me helps you create good new habits Would you like to acquire a new habit to enhance your skills or perhaps build your career or get in shape? Whatever your reason is check-out this cool App: Coach.me. I signed up to get into the habit of more writing, drawing and meditation. I also installed the […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review is Out

I am so excited to share with you the latest about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5! And Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review is out as well. The past weekend I got my first Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5! I was for many years a Windows phone fan. But recently the Windows Phone prognosis […]

Music is a Motivator During Work Hours

Is music really a motivator during work hours? In my opinion, music is a motivator during my work hours! I am sensitive and react to what I hear. Certain songs evoke more creativity in the work I do, than other ones. And some music puts me into an energetic mood. For example, I play classical […]