Leaning Forward hinders Productivity

I noticed that many of us are leaning too much forward at the desk. This situation may hinder you to be more productive, because after a while you may experience many body aches. The leaning forward can have many reasons. One of them could be your chair doesn’t fit the desk height; or your keyboard […]

To Do List with Goals and Deadlines Motivate!

I noticed when I have a to do list with goals, it keeps me focused. Furthermore, when I add a deadline to each of these tasks it keeps motivated to finish the project. This strategy eliminates ambiguity, increases your focus and motivation to get things done. Let me know know what your experience is implementing […]

Productivity Increase with Essential Oils!

Do essential oils really help you increase productivity and focus? Yes, I agree, they help me. I use three different oils throughout the week. One essential oil I use is Frankincense. This one is great for focusing and centering. The other essential oil I use is California Lemon. It aids with concentration and eases tension. […]

Motivational Rush with Chart!

Last week I experimented with some tools that keep me motivated throughout the day and week. I wanted to share that with you, because this tool gives me a ‘motivational rush’ throughout the day and keeps me going to reach my goals. I created a personalized motivational chart. I made a list of goals for […]

Inspired Productivity

Feeling overwhelmed at times? Yes, I know the feeling! When I feel overwhelmed I use the metaphor technique. I think back to when I climbed the Matterhorn. I had to take one step at a time and persevere to reach the summit. There were places where I had to slow down to get my strength […]

Procrastination or Action

Beat Procrastination by……..

Take at least 30 minutes every day to schedule your work day or work week. Use a To Do/Task list and/or calendar system to help you focus and not to put things off. Take frequent, short breaks during work hours. It helps clear your mind. Keep your desk organized. Clutter overwhelms & obstructs clear thinking. […]

Procrastination or Action

Procrastination: What You Didn’t Know

This week I’ll share some facts and tips about procrastination or putting off tasks. Did you know that by delaying tasks you miss opportunities, work long hours, have resentment and guilt? Some causes of procrastination are: stress, feeling overwhelmed, laziness, no motivation, no discipline, no time management, lack of skill, and perfectionism. Some solutions to […]