eBook or Hard Copy Book

EBookrealEver wonder about your preference of using an eBook rather than a hard copy of a book or the other way around?  I asked myself that question just the other week and here is what I came up with:

  • I love to just take an eBook on a trip, because it saves space in your bag.  Especially if you have 5 favorite books – they can all be on one eBook rather than packing 5 books.
  • Coming from Switzerland and reading English books, I encounter quite frequently a word that I don’t understand.  smile  An eBook makes it so easy to just highlight the word in question and the definition pops-up; so convenient.
  • What I adore about hard copy books is the fact that it evokes a nostalgia in me, holding that book and brushing through the pages. Also I can make write on the pages and personalize it especially when working through a chapter that speaks to me deeply – either personally or professionally.
  • Before I go to sleep I prefer to read a hard copy book, because the glare of the eBook is not good for your eyes.  Studies has shown that it keeps you from relaxing and getting a good night’s sleep.
    Read more about that here: Ebooks at night won’t help you sleep

Let me know how you use your eBook or hard copy book.  Or do you not use eBooks at all?  Connect with me, I’m curious to know.


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