Karina interview in Radio Show Radio Rottu Oberwallis

Karina Taugwalder Interview in Zermatt on Radio Rottu Oberwallis
Karina Radio Interview in Zermatt

Back from a adventure-filled vacation in Zermatt, Switzerland, I would like to share some of the highlight adventures and events in my blog.

First highlight was an interview in Radio Show Radio Rottu Oberwallis. Reason is the 150 Year Anniversary of the Matterhorn First Ascent, honoring my ancestors, Peter Taugwalder, father and son. Thank you again Radio Rottu for this opportunity!

I have climbed the Matterhorn myself in honor of my ancestors in 2011. In that same year I have also scaled Breithorn and Zinal Rothorn. Thank you to my mountain guide and former class mate Helmut Lerjen! Climbing mountains teaches you patience and perseverance and I apply that in my every day now! See my Adventure Photo Gallery for of the great moments I captured.


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