Motivational Rush with Chart!

Last week I experimented with some tools that keep me motivated throughout the day and week. I wanted to share that with you, because this tool gives me a ‘motivational rush’ throughout the day and keeps me going to reach my goals.

I created a personalized motivational chart. I made a list of goals for every day that require consistency, like daily reading to stay up to date with the industry, daily writing to get better in writing, enhance my skills by taking courses, and stay healthy with yoga. I use a dry erase board and keep it in front of me next to my screen. Every day I accomplish a goal I put a star or smiley face next to it. This is a great motivator!

Instead of a dry erase board you can also create a chart in a word processing program. You’ll find chart templates there that you can customize. Print it out and place it in front of you. When you accomplish your goal put a star or smiley sticker next to it. Try it and see if it works for you to stay motivated. Share your comments; I would love to hear from you. Have a great motivational rush day!

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