Procrastination: What You Didn’t Know

This week I’ll share some facts and tips about procrastination or putting off tasks. Did you know that by delaying tasks you miss opportunities, work long hours, have resentment and guilt? Some causes of procrastination are: stress, feeling overwhelmed, laziness, no motivation, no discipline, no time management, lack of skill, and perfectionism.

Some solutions to overcome them is schedule your work day (i.e. create a To-Do-List), make time for your personal life, take frequent breaks during work hours, keep your desk organized, just do it (don’t make excuses), take a course to get more skills. Keep it simple.

I step away from the office and go for a walk or do yoga. This helps me rejuvenate. Or sometimes I just turn the music up and sing; but before I sing, I make sure the windows are closed. 🙂

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I invite you to share how you procrastinate. What is your excuse? And I would like to see some of your thoughts and solutions you implemented. Until then, stay tuned to my next blog post.

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