Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review is Out

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

I am so excited to share with you the latest about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5!
And Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review is out as well.

The past weekend I got my first Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5! I was for many years a Windows phone fan. But recently the Windows Phone prognosis on coming out with new phones and apps did not look very promising. This was not good news for my business, because I do a lot of work while on the go. I decide to go Android. I did not want to go with an iPhone, because I wanted a phone that integrates best with my Windows operating system in my office. I chose the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. This phone is currently the best business phone out there. This phone is like a little computer and I can do all of my important tasks on the go.

What I like the most is that I can access my clients’ websites through the WordPress app and work on the sites while on the go. I can also schedule any social media posts through the Hootsuite app. One other great app is the Photoshop Express: I can grab graphics shared from my computer in Creative Cloud and I can also access my phone photos through the Gallery feature; this allows me to design or adjust graphics on the go.Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Stylus

Its Stylus S Pen is an awesome tool as well. What makes this stylus so unique is that it has different pressure points to make thicker or thinner lines. It is excellent for note taking and sketching. I use the easier to use Apps Squid (Papyrus) for note taking and ArtFlow Studio for sketching. Be Aware: inserting the stylus backwards can break your note. More on Gizmodo

Samsung Wireless ChargerAnother great item that come with the Note 5 is the wireless charger. I just plug in the wireless charger anywhere in my office (or in your home) and place my phone on it; the charger immediately kicks in. Make sure you have the wireless setting activated for it to work. I admit though it takes a bit longer to fully charge the phone than with the regular USB cable.

I’ll share more of my experience and discoveries I make with this phone in the weeks to come.
I would like to hear from you if you also have the Note 5 and what your opinion is so far.

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