Vision Board on the Go!

First, there was a cork board on your wall.  Then, virtual places started popping up to gather your thoughts online.  Now, there are several apps that allow you to take your inspiration on the go on your mobile devices!

vision board

Astraport is my favorite vision board app  (click on link to get the app).  I still like the big dry erase board in my office, but do love the convenience of my thoughts traveling with my business.

I like Astraport the most because it has many templates you can choose from. They have buil-in templates and templates published by users on their website. You can create your own board and save it as a template. I also like the flexibility this app has because when you create your own board it has many symbols, affirmations (written & voice) and backgrounds you can use; you can also add your own graphics and photos!

Let me know what you use to visualize your goals!

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